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Exceptional Web Design & Marketing For Healthcare Practices

Welcome to MedDigital
We Specialize In HIPPA Compliant Websites And Strategic Online Marketing For Medical Professionals To Expand Their Business
What We Do

Full-service Digital Solutions

We help you focus on your business by providing a clean web design with strategic SEO that brings in new clients, and a prominent online presence with maintenance and constant support.

As a healthcare business online, PHI still matters very much in order to stay compliant with HIPPA and avoid heavy fees. We keep your clients’ information secured with every form they fill out with you. 

How We Help You
Land Clients

We use the latest and best strategies of Search Engine Optimization, Google Ads, and Social Media to help expand
your reach and expertise.

Stand Out

You have competition that do similar things in your local area. Our solutions are tailored for extending the great work you already do to the online world.


Business support, cutting-edge technology recommendations for efficiency, maintenance and compliance with HIPPA, and much more!

Dallas, DFW digital marketing agency
Our Services

Take Your Practice To The Next Level

There are people searching for your services. Every search in your local area that doesn’t find your business eats at your profits. We help you get in front of all those in need of your offerings.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engines, like Google, work by linking keywords and phrases and finding a match. When it comes to websites and businesses online, everything from content on your pages to the images are considered. We know the ins and outs of SEO to get you to the first of the line in a search related to your services.

Social Media Marketing

It's safe to say everyone is online these days. A large part of the success of a medical practice today is its engagements online. Even the newspaper industry is largely online at this point. We manage your presence on the popular social media platforms to help educate new prospects so they choose you.

Connections Through Branding

Studies show color alone has the ability to increase brand recognition and consumer confidence by 80%, with an average of 85% of active shoppers naming color as a leading contributor to their purchasing decisions. We create intentional designs, everything from logos, spacing, information architecture, with engaging and interactive user experience that match your business goals and vision.

Email and Content Marketing

Content is king. And your potential clients are constant consumers of online content. 'How To' videos, mistakes to avoid, and best practices related to your services are searched on a regular basis. Providing solutions to those inquiries is the quickest way to establish your office as the go-to trusted expert. We can maintain a blog on your site, publish weekly newsletters, engage and attract online.


200+ Reviews

Reviews From Thriving Clients

400+ Reviews

"I din't just want a website. I wanted long term solutions for my business online. lyfeNcode has helped with exactly that. I've been consistently landing new clients and growing every month.
Chris Johnson, DoJo Fitness
"I'm not very tech savvy, and would rather focus on the core of what I deliver to my customers. Maintaining clients and my website online is one less thing I have to think about working with lyfeNcode"
Luis Carloz
"Yusef from lyfeNcode is responsive and always here for help. And the technology recommendations for running my business has being really useful."
Allison Miles

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